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We are a small family business that spends plenty of time, attention and personal care with our bees.

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We are a small family business that spends a lot of time, attention and personal care on our bees. Bees are critical to food supply. 2/3 rd ’s of all crops we eat everyday are pollinated by bees. Bees are a necessity and are in peril worldwide.

Honey Bee deaths are linked to a number of factors – especially due to neonicotinoids (neonics) pesticides which are used to treat crops. Neonics are system pesticides that are absorbed into plant tissues and spread to the entire plant to stems, flowers, pollen and nectar.

Neonics poison bees rapidly and even low exposure to this toxin can lead to devastating consequences to bees such as immune suppression, impaired foraging and altered learning. Neonices are used on virtually 100% corn seed and a large percentage of soy, wheat and canola seed. They are applied to crops using seed coatings, sprays, soil drenches and granules.

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