All About Beeswax

All About Beeswax

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Bees are one of the few living creatures in the world that create their own construction materials. The females create beeswax when they need a place to protect the young or to store food. This material is made of numerous compounds. It is called wax due to the complexity of the compounds involved, like hydrocarbons, diesters, free acids, free alcohols and other compounds.


The process of creating beeswax requires 7kg of honey for each kg of wax created. The honey bee has to ingest the honey and create the beeswax within their body. The process requires the bee to stay inside the colony for 24 hours. The wax exits the bee's body through eight glands on the bee's abdomen. Once in contact with the air, it solidifies and becomes plates. The bees then chew the plates to soften the wax and mold it into the honeycomb structure.

People like to burn beeswax because it produces negative ions that circulate within the room and attract pollutants, cleaning the air. This is more beneficial than paraffin, which adds to the pollutants in the room rather than cleansing the air. This is why a natural product like beeswax is more appealing than paraffin, which is a product created from petroleum waste.

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