Products Produced From Beekeeping

Products Produced From Beekeeping

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When it comes to beekeeping, there are a number of products that can be sold thanks to the hard work of the colonies of bees. Those products include pollen, natural soaps, beeswax candles, specialty honeys and even nutritional supplements such as propolis tinctures and creams (an antiseptic marvel that strengthens your immune system against bacteria, fungi, and viruses including the flu), Royal jelly (used for asthma, hay fever, insomnia) and bee venom (for arthritis).

The specialty honeys are made based on different nectar sources where the bees collect from during a season, so the honey can be wildflower, blueberry, raspberry, pumpkin, blackberry and even cranberry. Clover and alfalfa honey is also popular in certain areas.

Raw honey provides all of the goodness nature intended with the creation of honey. It also contains small pieces of wax and bee parts, so people may find it preferable to have filtered honey. Filtered honey is heated to the temperature the inside of a hive typically reaches on a hot day. Then, it is pumped through a micron filter, and this meets the standards typically set for honey grade.

Bees are crafty insects that work hard and create many products that humans find beneficial. Being a beekeeper means hard work in making sure the colonies are strong and healthy and can work hard during the blooming season for certain crops.

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