About Our Bees

At Semiahmoo Apiaries we specialize in producing honey from local flowers and plants so that you can enjoy all of the natural colour, aroma, flavor and nutrients that nature intended.
The pollen used in making this honey was gathered by our bees in the beautiful Langley, South Surrey and White Rock areas. Enjoy!

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 Fun Facts


  • Honeybees are insects
  • Honeybees have 6 legs, 5 eyes, and 2 sets of wings
  • Honeybees can fly at about 20 mph
  • Most honeybees in a colony are workers, who live for about 6 weeks
  • Each colony has 1 queen, who will live for about 2-3 years
  • Both workers and queens are female
  • The male honeybees are called drones, and they do no work at all
  • There will be between 20,000-60,000 honeybees in one colony
  • Honeybees have been around for 30 million years
  • Only workers will sting, and only if they feel threatened
  • Worker honeybees will die once they sting
  • Drones have no stinger
  • Queens have a stinger, but don’t leave the hive to help defend it
  • A worker bee will collect about 1/10th of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime
  • It takes about 556 workers to gather 1 pound of honey
  • It takes the nectar from about 2 million flowers to make 1 pound of honey
  • Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba produce most of Canada’s honey
  • Honey is a natural, unrefined food that does not spoil



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